Woman Loses 45 Pounds After Going Vegan


One woman is going viral on Imgur for sharing her inspiring weight-loss story, but hers is unlike most others out there on the internet.

Imgur user Shmangy has been documenting her journey on the photo-sharing site since she began it in April 2016. Back then, she weighed 194 pounds and was “depressed, tired, and always very sick,” she revealed in her latest post. Fourteen months later, she has dropped 45 pounds and is feeling healthier than ever. But she had to totally revamp her lifestyle — which was “a dang long process,” as she described — to get to where she is today.

How she looked before revamping her lifestyle.

The woman explained how her journey was sparked by a laundry list of health issues, including gluten and dairy allergies, immune system failure, and endometriosis, all of which left her “plagued with illness 24/7,” she wrote. She removed gluten and dairy from her diet and also increased her vegetable intake after realizing that her new food habits made her feel better on a daily basis.

After choosing to adopt a fully vegan lifestyle, she feels “better than the entire two years,” she explained. “I feel dang great. Heck, better than I have felt in God knows how long. I think I was in 5th grade the last time I weighed this much, literally. I am learning to cope with disease and treat it properly with nutrition, and there is nothing more rewarding than finding success in that.”

Down 45 pounds and feeling better than ever!

She also mentioned how changing up the types of foods you eat has the power to completely alter your energy levels, mood, gut functions, and overall health, all of which are more important than the number on the scale at the end of the journey. “I could care less about weight. HEALTH is what matters,” she wrote on Imgur. “Through diet, I have COMPLETELY changed my health, mentally and physically.”