Who’s on Arya’s Kill List on Game of Thrones?


Arya Stark is back in Westeros in the season six finale of Game of Thrones, which means she has returned to full revenge mode. Now that she’s picked up a few tricks from the time she spent at the House of Black and White, her first order of business is avenging the deaths of her mother and brother during the Red Wedding at the hands of Walder Frey. Of course, now we’re all wondering who the fiercest Stark girl will pick next from her kill list (our money is on Melisandre) when season seven picks up.

Arya’s Kill List, if you don’t remember, is the list of people she started reciting a few seasons ago after losing almost her entire family at the hands of various villains. There were 11 names on the list originally, though Arya only mentions a few this season — one with a special caveat. If you’ve forgotten who’s on it and what they did, we’re reminding you of that and whether they’re still alive (fun fact: the list is slightly different in the book than on the TV show).