What to Do in the UK in a Week


Camden Market in Camden Town.

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POPSUGAR Photography / Bonnie Burke For Bonnie & Lauren

What to do: There’s no shortage of things to do in London. Through the concierge at our hotel and as one of Conrad’s 1/3/5 experiences (unique ideas for things to do with one hour, three hours, or five hours), one of the things we did was a shopping tour on a small street in Belgravia, which we then contrasted with some of the larger shopping areas. Elizabeth Street, where we started, is a quaint little street that seems unimpressive if you’re looking for it but is a pleasant surprise if you stumble upon it, according to our ever-knowledgeable concierge, John. He suggested we follow up that street with a trip to Harrods and other London retailers to get a real feel for how the boutiques stand up against the department stores. We also strolled through the popular sights, like around Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the Parliament Houses. These are all beautiful buildings that are quick and easy to make a stop at to see and take pictures of. I also recommend traveling up to Camden to the Camden Market, which is a very cool area full of shops and stands that has a little something for everyone. Make sure to stop by the doughnut cart inside to not only see some of the prettiest doughnuts ever but to also pick up one or four to take with you while you walk. During the evenings, Covent Garden is a lovely place to spend time as it has a lot of pubs and restaurants and it’s a great place to catch a show. London also has a fair share of stage productions that tend to run a little cheaper than Broadway, so you might be able to catch a show you haven’t been able to see in New York. Hamilton is even opening in London very soon! And it’s currently the only place showing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.