What Giada De Laurentiis Eats


You see what Giada De Laurentiis cooks on television, but have you ever wondered what she really eats at home? As big fans of Giada, we have. So when POPSUGAR got the chance to speak to the Italian guru about her new line of pasta products from Williams-Sonoma, we talked all things pasta sauce, pasta-cooking tips, and, yes, Giada’s real-life staples. When asked, “What’s in your fridge at all times?” Giada responded with the following six items.

  1. Wine
  2. Chocolates
  3. Parmesan cheese: “Actually, three or four different types of cheese, depending.”
  4. Prosciutto
  5. Arugula
  6. Batteries for her daughter’s games

OK, so one of those isn’t edible (all moms can relate), but the rest of the items give you a pretty clear picture of Giada’s food essentials. As a true Italian, Giada knows that no kitchen is complete without a stash of wine. And it turns out Giada’s love for cheese is just as real as yours (what’s a fridge without options for a cheese plate?). If you thought your similarities with Giada ended at your mutual love for pasta, this peek into her fridge probably changed your mind.