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During POPSUGAR’s many interviews with HGTV design stars, house-flipping experts, and interior designers, one type of kitchen cabinet keeps coming up again and again: shaker. The message from our home pros is clear: resale-conscious homeowners should eschew expensive, stylized, and ornate cabinets in favor of simple yet sturdy shaker cabinets at a lower price point. The reason? With their versatile style, mass buyer appeal, and reasonable price point, these cabinets give the biggest bang for the buck. Once we realized how great shaker cabinets are, we were curious to know more. Check out what we learned below.

What exactly are shaker cabinets?
They are unadorned flat-panel wood cabinets with a signature recessed rail frame, originally made from pine but today often of maple, cherry, or hickory. The term “shaker” references the Christian denomination that became known for making extremely high-quality, functional, minimalist furniture. The term “shaker” also references the no-frills design and wood build of this cabinet style.

Why are they so popular?
Beyond a good price point and solid construction (two major pluses), shaker cabinets can be easily painted, stained, and gussied up with hardware to look on-trend in many different styles of homes. With a warm, natural wood finish, they look great in a traditional home, while grey or white-washed shaker cabinets are a page out of contemporary-farmhouse-originator Joanna Gaines’s design book. And with a dark or glossy finish, they look sleek in a modern home. With so many style options, it’s hard to find a home they don’t look great in.

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