Weed Travel Kit | POPSUGAR Smart Living


If you’ve ever packed weed to roll up for later, you know there’s multiple parts to it. Your bag ends up hosting a number of loose items, like your grinder and lighter, that you have to annoyingly dig through to find. But now, you can spark up anywhere conveniently and in style with Tetra’s new and improved travel kit ($90).

The TSA-friendly set is a stoner essential (especially for smokers constantly on the go), featuring a flameless USB slide lighter, Tetra’s unbleached hemp rolling papers, a fog pin for packing and perfecting your joints, a jewel-like bottle of Japanese eye drops, and a green acrylic box for storage, all encased in a black leather Baggu zip pouch. It’s everything you need to take the fun on the road or for your travels to green countries like Amsterdam. Consider it the perfect gift for your weed-loving friends or yourself!

Image Source: Courtesy of Tetra