Vintage Flip Stars Returned Military Medals Found in Reno


When you renovate old houses for a living, you’re likely to find some strange things hidden within the walls….very strange things. Jessie and Tina Rodriguez, the stars of HGTV’s hit show Vintage Flip recently chatted with POPSUGAR about some of the most outlandish items they’ve unearthed during one of their California renos, and let’s just say we were shocked! A kitchen demo revealed an entire family of petrified possums. “There were so many of them it was like it was raining possums!” Tina explains, and Jessie adds, “It was so disgusting! You could see the whole skeletal system.”

But not every home’s hidden treasure is icky. “We work in the vintage realm, so older homes, and there are kind of a lot of neat things that get left behind,” Jessie explains. In the crawlspace of another home they lifted up an upside down sink to discover it was actually covering more than a dozen Native American hand woven baskets. “We had them appraised at an auction, and the value on all 15 of them was about $13,000.” Tina adds, “They were really cool and really beautiful. We have them at our house now.”

Every once in a while they find something that they feel compelled to return to its original owner – who can be complicated to find; for example, the time they found military metals, including a purple heart. Jessie says, “We bought the house in a probate sale, so someone passed away. We gave it to the attorney and the attorney gave it to the grandson…the [medals] were his grandpa’s.”