Tips For Closet Organization | POPSUGAR Latina


Stylist Irma Martinez, who has worked with celebrities like Thalia, Sofia Vergara, Daisy Fuentes, and Eva Longoria, shares her most useful fashion secrets with POPSUGAR Latina.

The start of a new season is an exciting time, especially for those fashion-obsessed chicas who love revamping their style with the latest trends. Yet, we know the change of season brings the daunting task of organizing our closet and making space for new pieces.

As a fashion stylist and style expert, many of my followers often ask: How do I organize my closet? Don’t trends come back? What is worth keeping? I call my closet “mi pequeña boutique” or “my small boutique” because for me the art of dressing should be enjoyable, not stressful. So, here are some easy tips to get your closet clean, organized, and fun!