The Best Korean Eye Treatments


Confession: supertired eyes have always been a huge insecurity of mine. I’ve had puffy bags under my peepers for my entire life, and they’ve followed me well into adulthood. I’ve purchased almost every de-puffing brightening stick and eye cream out there, until one day a beauty-addict friend of mine told me that I should check out a few Korean skin care stores. After about two hours of scanning Little Korea in NYC for eye treatments I walked out with a bag full of sheet masks and eye creams I couldn’t wait to go home and plaster under my peepers.

To my surprise, nearly every treatment worked! Since my first purchase, I’ve stuck to only using a few Korean remedies. I’ve seen significant improvements — brighter, flatter skin under my eyes. While I still sometimes wake up with fish eyes, I now have go-to products that can give me an immediate fix. Keep reading to discover essential Korean eye treatments I swear by.