The Best 40 Disney World Tips From Moms Who Go All the Time – Floridians!


There are a lot of great tips for visiting Disney World floating around that everyone should investigate, but there are some extraspecial tips that only come with experience – and who has more experience than the mamas who go all the time? The Florida moms! See, one of the perks about living in Florida, aside from the fact that you get to laugh at the rest of the country all Winter, is that you also get to visit Disney World. All the time. Floridian mamas typically make the trip at least once a year (if not a lot more), which means they have perfected the process over time. So avoid the Disney hangover by checking out these tips directly from Florida’s veteran Disney vacationers for making any trip to the happiest place on earth go as smoothly as possible (or at least as smoothly as it can with small children in tow).

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