Taylor Swift Fourth of July Pictures


Whether you like her or not, you have to admit Taylor Swift knows how to throw a party. Over the years, the “Bad Blood” singer has become notorious for having a huge Fourth of July bash at her Rhode Island beach house. Seriously, if she wasn’t a big pop star, she could definitely take up party-planning. While a lot has changed since her big soiree with her Red dancers in 2013, there are a few things you can always count on happening at one of her infamous gatherings. For example, a Taylor Swift Fourth of July party almost always includes:

  1. Baked goods
  2. Face paint
  3. Water slides
  4. Matching patriotic gear
  5. One or more of the Haim sisters
  6. Sea stampedes
  7. Inflatable floats
  8. A popular celebrity couple
  9. Tons of Instagram photos afterwards

As you get ready to celebrate the holiday this weekend, look back at her star-studded parties ahead.