Swirl Fiesta Lime and Watermelon Raspado Drinks


The inventive minds behind such culinary creations as the the Chupacabra Drink and the famous Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Elote are adding two over-the-top drinks to their menu. On Instagram, Swirl Fiesta unveiled El Limonite and Swirlandia — and we honestly don’t even know where to begin.

Both beverages have so much going on it’s a little difficult to decipher the many mouthwatering ingredients. In a caption, the Riverside, CA, snack shop explained that the green El Limonite drink consists of lime raspado — or shaved ice — while the red Swirlandia drink is watermelon raspado. Each drink is then topped with mango, strawberry, sour candy, and Pulparindots Sandia, a watermelon tamarind candy. What’s more, each drink comes with additional lime salt packets.

Swirl Fiesta introduced the beverages on June 21, however, they will not be officially available until July 1. Another new concoction available this Summer is the insanely sweet Bubblegum Smoothie which is topped with boba-like fruit poppers and a large gummy bear.