Stranger Compliments Mom Breastfeeding in Public


Although it’s still pretty unbelievable that there are cases in which mothers are shamed for breastfeeding in public, it turns out that there are some people out there who totally get it and know that sharing positive thoughts goes a long way for those moms in the trenches. Angie Honkomp is one of those moms, and while out to eat in a McDonald’s recently with her baby daughter, the mom had a positive experience that “restored her faith in humanity,” which she shared with the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page.

“Coolest thing just happened,” Angie wrote. “I hear all these stories about how moms are shamed or asked to leave somewhere because they are feeding their little one. Well today the opposite happened. Today while I was chowing down on a McDouble and tea my daughter decided she, too, needed a snack. So being the un-shy person I am, I feed her.”

As Angie was feeding her daughter, an older woman approached their table to compliment her girl’s hair. Once she was close enough to realize that Angie was in the middle of nursing, the mom says the woman’s reaction made her day. “She looked and said: ‘I’m proud of you. Young girls don’t seem to breastfeed anymore and it’s so encouraging to see one who isn’t ashamed. Good for you. You’re a good mom and she is a lucky baby.'”

Angie is sharing her story with other moms to encourage them all to be confident in their decisions and actions. “It pays off,” she wrote.