Stores With Surprising Beauty Deals


Chances are, you’re a regular — or even a pro — when it comes to scouting out the best products and deals at popular beauty sources like Sephora and Ulta (see if your obsession has gone too far). The same can likely be said for local drugstores that you know like the back of your hand.

But what if we said there’s a whole world of beauty you’ve yet to tap into? A fantasy world, if you will, where Bliss scrubs and lotions go for $8, Dr. Brandt antiaging creams can be yours for $12, and professional hair irons cost a cool $20. It sounds almost too good to be true, but (thankfully!) it isn’t.

From T.J. Maxx (the sale shelf is the gift that keeps on giving!) to Nordstrom Rack (say hello to luxury goods at drugstore prices), read on for eight fully stocked and budget-friendly beauty resources you can’t afford (literally) to overlook any longer.