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Josiah and Allison first met in high school as friends and even held study groups at Allison’s house. Those groups eventually ended up being just the two of them, and their friendship grew more romantic as they spent more time together — they were even each other’s prom dates! They kept a long-distance relationship going during college, and Josiah popped the question during a New Year’s Eve visit to Houston.

“I had been giving Josiah a hard time about going ice skating together; I figured he would be super uncoordinated being so tall,” Allison told their wedding photographer. “It had been something I wanted to do in Chicago, but who knew they still did that in Houston where it was 50 degrees in January?”

Josiah suggested going with a group of friends, but nobody showed up. When the two started skating, Allison was completely blown away by his skating skills, especially for his first time. As they held hands around the rink, one of his friends arrived who was actually there to photograph the moment. All of a sudden, Josiah wiped out on the ice and as Allison tried to help him, he got up on one knee and reached into his pocket. “I balled my eyes out and said yes to marrying my best friend,” Allison said.

When it came to their wedding, the couple knew they wanted a natural garden setting, and Blume Gardens in Sycamore, IL, was the perfect choice. The venue was an old factory turned into a garden center, allowing for both a lush springtime setting and an industrial feel. Instead of traditional floral arrangements, they went with topiaries and small potted plants paired with vintage candle arrangements while the bouquets featured greenery and protea. To go along with the garden theme, each guest was able to take home their own potted succulent. Overall, they focused their reception on their guests and everyone had an amazing time.

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