Smitten Rosé Ice Cream | POPSUGAR Food


Eating ice cream and drinking Rosé are two of the best Summer activities, but have you ever thought about combining them into one? California ice cream shop Smitten Ice Cream did, and it has introduced a new Sonoma Rosé flavor of ice cream that will cool you off and might get you buzzed. The flavor appears to be a vanilla-based ice cream made with Rosé from Sonoma’s Scribe Winery. A sweet, creamy ice cream that’s cut with the dryness and crispness of a Rosé wine sounds like just about the most refreshing dessert we could imagine. The limited-edition Summer flavor is only available at Smitten’s location on Mission Street in San Francisco, as well as on the menu of Petit Marlowe, a new French restaurant in San Francisco that helped develop the ice cream flavor.

Smitten is no stranger to inventive ice cream flavors like Honey Thyme and Earl Grey With Milk Chocolate Chips, and the company has introduced alcohol-infused flavors before, such as Whiskey Chip (so good). Get yourself to Smitten ASAP to try a scoop of Sonoma Rosé ice cream if you’re lucky enough to live in the area, and if not, you can always re-create the image above by pouring your favorite Rosé over ice cream. Wine-infused affogato, anyone?