Samuel L. Jackson’s Instagram Selfies


Over the course of his long career, Samuel L. Jackson has mastered a number of things. Killing bad guys? Check. Recapping Game of Thrones? Check. Killing all of the motherf*cking snakes on the motherf*cking planes? Double, triple check. On top of all that, take a look at the Kong: Skull Island actor’s Instagram account and you’ll soon discover that he’s particularly fond of taking selfies, especially with other celebrities. Does he manage to get his entire face into every shot? OK, no, maybe not. (Help him out, Kim.) In fact it seems like he actually prefers to take photos with just the tiniest, inconspicuous sliver of his trademark glasses sticking out of the corner, while the spotlight falls on stars like Tom Hanks, James Corden, Brie Larson, and Spike Lee. Frankly, we can’t get enough of his unintentionally hilarious selfie style, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for more.