Sailing in the Caribbean | POPSUGAR Smart Living


If I had to stay landlocked for the rest of my life, I’m not sure if I could be happy. I grew up in the Caribbean with a grandfather who adored the sea and who named his boat after me. Grandpa Javier would wake up my brother Omar and I at four in the morning to go walk on a sandy beach and then on a rocky coastline to fish, showing us his great passion for the ocean. As I grew up, I always longed for the sea, renting places by the sand and swimming almost every day. Then in my early 20s I met a handsome sailor named Alejandro (my now husband) and I fell, inevitably, in love with him as I fell in love with sailing. Now I consider myself a woman of the sea and I can only fathom a future filled with sailing adventures. I share this passion for the water through my writing because I want others to know of the life-changing power that lies in the ocean. There is something so utopian about sailing, so surreal, that it is difficult to put into words, you have to go out there to truly understand it. I always try to explain it anyway.