Prince Harry at the Embassy of Nepal in London March 2017


Following his trip to Epping Forest, Prince Harry attended a ceremony to celebrate the bicentenary of relations between the UK and Nepal at the Embassy of Nepal in London on Monday. The young royal was presented with a photograph from one of his previous visits to the country and caught up with old friends Hari Budha Magar and Vinod Budhathoki, who served alongside him in Afghanistan. Prince William and Kate Middleton were not in attendance, but they recently returned from their two-day trip to Paris over the weekend.

In March 2016, Harry became the first British royal to visit Nepal since the monarchy was eliminated back in 2008. During his five-day tour of the country, he met with the prime minister and president, visited with the survivors of the tragic earthquake in Bhaktapur, and was dubbed “village head man” during a visit to the town of Leorani.