Perks of Being Bilingual | POPSUGAR Latina


Coming from an Ecuadorian-American family, the first language I ever learned to speak was Spanish. I asked for everything from my comida to my juguetes, until it was finally time to go to school and I picked up English. In my 20s now, I speak both languages fluently and I’m so thankful for that. Being bilingual has helped me in the professional sense — opening more doors and possibilities — and personally, too, by helping me create stronger bonds with my friends and giving me a part of my culture I’m able to teach my boyfriend.

If you’re also bilingual (whether it’s Spanish and English or another combination), you know there are even more perks to speaking more than one language. It can be as simple as getting around abroad without any issues or as great as getting free things from people who also speak your second language, but those small things make a huge difference. Scroll ahead for eight amazing pluses of being a polyglot.