Mom Breastfeeding With Boob Hanging Out


There are women who confidently nurse in public, and those who do it with a bit of self-consciousness. Tamara Miller, like many new moms, is still trying to figure out which type of breastfeeder she is.

But if you were to glance at a photo she posted of herself on Instagram — in which she’s nursing her 6-week-old baby, the majority of her breast in full view of those dining around her — you’d think she was leading a #normalizebreastfeeding movement.

Not so, she admitted.

“Here I am with my boob hanging out at a formal event,” she wrote on Instagram. “I can’t just discretely stick out a nip like some women — my giant swollen boob is either all in or all out. I am not naturally comfortable like this.”

Still, she wrote that there are reasons she doesn’t “hide in a corner or find a bathroom somewhere” to feed her baby.

“I strongly believe that breastfeeding should be normalized and even though I feel awkward sometimes, I think of the other women and girls who need to see this, for whom there have been no breastfeeding models,” she said. “And maybe this image will lodge in their minds so that someday they will think, ‘I can do this.'”

Whatever type of public breastfeeder you are, this is a great reminder that women are watching — why not set a strong example for them?