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Remember Summer when you were a kid? Your mom served you some pre-baked, toaster-cooked breakfast and a glass of orange juice made from concentrate, then shoved you out the back door to “go play,” without an ounce of nervousness in her voice. Maybe you rounded up some neighborhood kids and played in the woods (sans bug spray, of course), headed to the closest pool (sunscreen optional), or just sat in your yard making flower crowns out of weeds. Ahhhh . . . the good old days.

If you want a similar experience for your little ones — but like any good, modern mom also have some anxiety about letting your kids roam free — we’ve got your solution. The following gadgets will allow you to track your kids through GPS, while still letting them get a taste of that old-school Summer you remember fondly. With extras like two-way calling, geo-fencing, and yes, even games, these devices will let you release your kids into the wild while reassuring you they’re safe and sound.