Julie Ledbetter’s Jean Shorts Fitness Transformation


When you’re trying to lose weight, a clothing item can hold so much power . . . until it just doesn’t anymore. Julie Ledbetter is a fitness enthusiast who helps people achieve their health goals through the lifestyle blog and coaching company she runs with her husband. Despite her current body positive outlook and expertise, she recently opened up about how that wasn’t always the case.

On Instagram, Julie shared a side-by-side picture of herself wearing the same denim shorts. In one photo, Julie weighed 134 pounds and in the other — presumably more recent — photo, Julie weighs 148 pounds. Her caption details the negative feelings she used to associate with the shorts.

“2014 is the last time I wore jean shorts out in the public. I remember that day like it was yesterday,” Julie wrote. Adding, “I was so excited to wear them, but the moment I went out in public I was embarrassed and told myself that I wouldn’t wear them again until I weighed less.”

Years later, Julie is wearing the same damn shorts with confidence. She said, “I weigh more and have never felt more confident in my own skin. Confidence is a crazy thing. Once you have it, your perspective shifts. Everything that you thought once would make you happy doesn’t anymore.”

After sharing her personal story, Julie encouraged readers to join her in seeking self-confidence this Summer. Among other vows, Julie said, “2017 is the summer WE will rock our jean shorts with confidence.”