Inside Disneyland’s Guardians of the Galaxy Ride


Ready or not, Disneyland’s new ride, Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: Breakout! is here, and we rode it! Just so you don’t end up like that hilariously freaked-out reporter, here’s everything you need to know before taking the plunge into what used to be the Tower of Terror ride.

The premise of the ride is that the Collector from the first movie has captured the Guardians and put them into his weird house of horrors. We, as guests, are invited to check out his collection, and our hands are “scanned” as keys to be able to move around the space — which actually plays out well throughout the whole experience to get everyone to raise their hands when doing security checks on the ride and as a mode of inspiration to get everyone to raise their hands on the ride! But, of course, Rocket has escaped first and is now using our help to be able to rescue the rest of the Guardians.

Before being scanned for the ride, you should also make sure to check out the portraits of the Collector, aka Benicio del Toro, hanging on the wall. Pretty cool stuff.

When you first enter, you check out an awesome gold statue of the Collector. Then you enter into the Collector’s room, which used to be the lobby of the hotel. Afterwards they take you into his “office” space (which used to be the elevator), where you get an introduction to the storyline as well as another space to check out some super cool artifacts, including that infamous Walkman (it’s in the upper area of one of the cabinets on top of a box).

If you want to find the best spot in this room, it’s actually in the corner furthest from the Collector’s desk. There you’ll be able to see the animatronic Rocket who tells you the second half of the plan, where he’s going to break into the controls and shoot you to the top of the Collector’s house to help him break everyone out.

Then the doors open, taking you into the second part of the line. There are a few fun things to look at in here, including an abominable snowman that you’ll miss if you’re not looking up. Cosmo the dog was easily the most Instagrammable part of the whole collection — be sure to get up close because he actually moves! Totally scared the crap out of me.

So how about the ride itself?

Well, they have cranked up the possibilities of what the ride can be and used the hydraulics to their advantage. While the original ride would take you up slowly, showing you vignettes along the way and prepping you for the “big drop,” this one starts to crank the gears right away. As you move away from the dock, you see the shadow of Rocket unplug you from the “system” and that classic soundtrack starts playing . . . “Hit me with your best shot.”

It then shoots you straight up into the reactor, where you “break out” the Guardians. At that point, it jumps around between various levels as you see the characters fighting monsters and other creatures to get out, with a very cute Baby Groot dancing his way through the scenes. You are then shot to the top for that classic view of Disneyland’s California Adventure park and your photo op before being dropped down to see that, in fact, you have rescued the Guardians and everything is all good.

Even Mantis is there “driving” the getaway ship! She and Baby Groot are the quiet nods to the second movie. Oh, and Cosmo the dog is there, too.

All in all, it was an extremely enjoyable experience and delivers on all fronts of comedy, nostalgia, and a very thrill-seeking ride. I would say, like Tower of Terror, you shouldn’t ride this on a full stomach. It’s more intense, and, in my opinion, a great upgrade to a ride that I didn’t even know needed an upgrade.

Get a look inside the ride now, including a video of it in action!