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After Ikea announced it would begin selling its products on other retail websites, rumors began circulating that the brand’s minimalist designs would soon be available on Amazon. Well, consider those rumors officially confirmed.

In late June, thousands of Ikea products suddenly became available for sale on Amazon — many of which are eligible for extremely expedited shipping through Amazon Prime. There is, however, a catch. As you might notice, most of the items are listed for higher prices on Amazon than on the Ikea website. Some items just aren’t worth it: for example, the Alex Drawer Unit is priced at $79 by Ikea and $155 on Amazon. While Amazon offers free shipping for that item, Ikea’s will still come out to $101 with shipping.

For Amazon Prime members, however, it’s worth it. Whereas the Fillsta Table Lamp will amount to $25 with standard shipping on Ikea’s website, it only costs $22 on Amazon with free two-day shipping for Prime members. With this new partnership, you might need to do some calculations to see if you’re getting a better deal, but at least it offers additional options that weren’t there before.