How La La Anthony Stays Healthy While Traveling


Moms know how tricky it can be to make healthy food choices when it seems like your life is spent hauling around your kids and making sure they’re eating healthy. La La Anthony has it figured out, though. “I’m really great at shakes. I do protein shakes,” she told POPSUGAR at an event for Arm and Hammer Baking Soda.

So simple, right?

She said she makes sure to always have her shaker bottle and protein powder on hand when she’s taking her son, Kiyan, to all his basketball games throughout the year. She said typically she mixes the protein with unsweetened almond milk, but in a pinch, water works. “When you’re sitting in the stands, it’s better than going to get soda or something like that,” she said.

The New York Times bestselling author said she does her best to stick to a workout routine when she has the time and drinks a ton of water. She realizes, though, that sometimes life gets in the way of being 100 percent on top of the healthy-living game. “I’m not always on the right track, but I try to make an effort,” she said. “I want to eat cookies and cakes, but you gotta make more of a commitment.”