Hilaria Baldwin June 2017 Interview


Hilaria Baldwin has three children under 3, so needless to say, there’s always something going on at her house. The Spanish-born author and yoga instructor doesn’t sweat it though — I mean, she sweats it on the mat, of course. Hilaria is not only balancing it all with ease, but is also in the most amazing shape. She spoke to POPSUGAR over the phone about the one thing she thinks is key to start working out, the music she loves to play during her yoga classes, and her partnership with All Fresh detergent. Keep reading for Hilaria’s quotes.

POPSUGAR: Can you run us through what your typical day is like as a mother of three?

Hilaria Baldwin: No two days are exactly the same, especially with three kids 3 and under — just because they’re not all in school yet, but they do have classes at different times. I’m starting this new thing where I’m trying to have a little bit more “me time” on the days that Carmen [Hilaria’s 3-year-old daughter] has preschool. I try to get them ready to go to their activities in the morning and then, I’ll attempt to go for a workout right after that. That being said, my day is constantly rotating between my children, working, teaching, and in the evening, my husband wants me to be his girlfriend, and so once we get the kids to sleep we usually go and have dinner together and spend some time together.

PS: What are some tips that you have for keeping your house clean and organized with three little ones and your husband around all the time?

HB: When they go and they play in the park, they get inside the sandbox and really dig. Rafael’s obsessed with trucks right now and digging trucks. Carmen is obsessed with burying treasures, which means that she buries everything from her shoes to her little doll toys. So they get damp stains everywhere, so being on top of laundry is really, really key because if you wait until the end of the week — which is what I used to do when I was single or at least before we had children — then you’re in major trouble. My favorite laundry detergent is the sulfate-free All Fresh Clean Essential. It’s important for me to be conscious of what kind of ingredients I bring into my home. I love it because it’s really very simple ingredients. If you look at the label, it’s very straightforward and actually explains what each ingredient does and why it’s in there. I just find that it’s a very fast, easy clean that helps me maintain my sanity and get everything done as efficiently as possible.

PS: You’ve said before that you are raising your kids to speak Spanish, right?

HB: Yes! I speak to them only in Spanish, but I also teach them that if people are around and they only speak English, then we have to incorporate them, so that we’re not ostracizing people. When I am speaking directly to my children, I speak to them in Spanish and I expect them to respond to me in Spanish. I just try to make it a very conscious thing, and to say to my daughter, “You know how lucky you are that you can speak two languages. And so with me, you speak in Spanish, and with your father, you can speak with him in English.”

PS: That makes total sense. I spoke Spanish at home and learned English when I started school.

HB: Exactly. They’re going to speak English. It’s so important to keep on the Spanish; it makes them proud. When I explain it to Carmen that way, she’s so proud that she speaks two languages. My husband and I love telling this story, she whispered in my ear maybe six months ago, “Mommy, daddy only speaks English” and giggled. It wasn’t in a bad way, but it was just this realization of like, “Wow, he just speaks one language.” Because you think of your parents at that age as all-knowing.

PS: Are there any traditions that you want to make sure that you pass down to your kids?

HB: A lot of it for me is comfort food. I’m a very happy person, but we all have those days where things are a little bit tough, and for me, cooking really relaxes me; paella really relaxes me. I love paella. The smells! Anybody who grew up with that kind of relationship to food, enjoying home-cooked food, knows what I’m talking about. We’ll also do dance parties. I’ll put on flamenco music and we all dance. My boys are actually really rhythmical and they love it. They get so into it and have so much fun dancing. My family often brings Carmen traditional flamenco dresses when they come to visit, or little flamenco shoes that she loves to wear because they are her high heels and she feels very like a grown up.

PS: Let’s switch gears a bit. We want to know what are some Latinx artists that you love listening to, either while you’re doing yoga, or just working out?

HB: For me, it’s all about going a little bit more old school, I like to play José Feliciano, I like to play Luis Miguel, Roxanna is really great, Thalia is really great. A little bit of Gloria Estefan, everybody loves Gloria, and even a little J Lo sometimes. Oh, and Marc Anthony and Ricky Martin, too. People love to move to Latin music, so when I have my class, I can see the music fill their souls. There’s something very soulful about Hispanic music. And then I’ll also have classes where we’ll listen to Michael Jackson, Madonna, Mozart. But most of the music I play has a Latin beat to it.

PS: What’s the one thing you think people need to do to start getting in shape?

HB: Realizing that you can do it. The hardest thing is showing up. If you go to a class and you semi-follow through what the instructor is saying and you do it consistently, you will get stronger. You will get in better shape. It’s also important to realize that nobody’s going to be judging you and if for some reason they do, that’s the silliest thing in the world and you should not pay that person any mind. It’s about getting to the point where you say, “I can do this.” And realize that your body is brilliant. Your body is a machine. And when tuned, oiled, cleaned, and taken care of, it can do amazing things. You need to know that you can do it and show up, then it’s magical. Nothing tastes as good as being healthy.

PS: What’s the one healthy snack that you can’t live without?

HB: I go through different stages. I’m very much in a hummus phase right now. Maybe it’s my toddlers rubbing off on me because I’ll eat the same thing for a really long time. So I like eating hummus with a rice cracker. Also, I’m very much into whole grains. In my book, I talk about these grain bowls that I call “living clearly bowls,” which are really great. Every few days you make different whole grains, different vegetables, different proteins and a couple of dressings, too. It’s so great because I’m busy and I want to eat healthy, so I can just go in and literally take spoonfuls out and put it in a bowl. It ends up being a very satisfying, healthy meal.