Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams Cutest Pictures


The love story of Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger is a heartbreaking but achingly romantic one. After meeting on the set of the Oscar-nominated film Brokeback Mountain in 2004, the pair fell in love, moved in, and had a child together. They broke up in 2007, and whether they would have found their way back to one another we’ll never know, as Heath Ledger abruptly died in 2008. These days, Michelle occasionally opens up about Heath, their love, and her loss — and as sad as it is, she always has beautiful things to share.

When they were together, these two stepped out hand-in-hand and seemed to barely take their eyes off of each other. The look of love in their eyes is one for the history books, so please enjoy this little snapshot of a real-life Hollywood romance that was grander than anything you’ve seen on screen.