Glowworm Caves in New Zealand


If you ever find yourself in New Zealand, do not miss the dazzling Waitomo Glowworm caves. Travelers can take boat tours along the Waitomo river through a series of lit tunnels inhabited by millions of glowworms called Arachnocampa luminosa. This peculiar species is made up of luminescent fungus gnats that are unique to New Zealand, and they only show themselves in darkness. Their twinkle attracts moths, which the glowing gnats catch in their slimy webs and feed on. In the photos ahead, the caves resemble a neon galaxy that’s truly a sight to behold.

Photography is strictly prohibited during the boat ride as it will disturb the glowworms, but some companies offer professional photos to be purchased from your tour. See the photos, and check out National Geographic‘s stunning 360-degree video of the caves.