Game of Thrones Filming Locations to Visit


Now that Game of Thrones is about to debut its seventh season, we’re ready to experience a taste of Westeros in any way we can. According to top travel site TripAdvisor, interest in GOT-inspired vacations has skyrocketed, with 10 filming locations from the show topping travelers’ bucket lists. Appropriately, at the tippy-top of the list sits the filming location for Meereen, the pyramid city where Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons get their first taste of ruling a large civilization.

If you’re planning a Game of Thrones pilgrimage, don’t worry about consulting a maester for advice — TripAdvisor’s findings will help you go beyond the Wall and more (minus the White Walkers, of course). Add these 10 spots from Westeros and Essos to your travel agenda ASAP!