Gabriella Was Sick of "Being That Fat Girl With the Cute Face" and Lost 170 Pounds


After having lived most of her life overweight, Gabriella was tired of dieting all the time and just gave up. But after gaining an additional 20 pounds, she wasn’t able to enjoy life and didn’t want to have to “pretend like I was that happy, confident fat girl.” She was tired of missing out on things like riding amusement park rides with her son, and other simple things, like sitting comfortably in a movie theater.

It was time to make a change, part of which included working out four to five times a week. And after two years, she’s proud to say she’s lost 170 pounds! Gabriella admits, “It’s an everyday battle but it is so WORTH IT.” So for anyone else out there who is struggling with losing weight or getting frustrated that it’s taking a long time, she says, “if you truly want it, [it] is worth every tear you will cry, every drop of sweat you will shed because you will have your life back and that is the best gift you could ever give yourself.”