Duckie Thot Looks Like a Barbie Doll


If you take a quick sweep of her Instagram, you’ll see that Australian and South Sudanese model Duckie Thot is no stranger to looking pretty much perfect on a daily basis. As an alumna of Australia’s Next Top Model (she competed in 2013), Thot knows a thing or two about flashing a killer “smize.” But one picture in particular has the internet on its knees, and for good reason. No big deal or anything, but in a picture she posted on Tuesday night, Thot looks exactly like a Barbie doll.

Ducks after dark.

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Thot looks so Barbie-esque; she better get at least a walk-on role in the upcoming Life Size 2 (although with those looks, she could star in the damn thing). Just about everyone on Instagram agreed, with one user commenting, “Real life Barbie.” One added, “I showed this picture to my baby girl & she wanted that doll.” Another proclaimed, “MY LIFE HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY SLAYED,” and I agree.

But the best response to the frenzy was Thot’s own.

While it’s so heartening to see a mega-talented model like Thot be appreciated for her work, unfortunately that hasn’t always been the case. Last year, fellow model Winnie Harlow made an offensive comment about Thot’s natural hair, which she later rescinded via an Instagram apology. Thot clapped back, writing, “It’s not fun being bullied for something you can’t control and to have a top model woman of colour who I thought encouraged acceptance and self love call me out for rocking my natural hair.”

Despite this feud, Thot keeps slaying like the beautiful Barbie she is.

Hands on 🤘🏿

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Image Source: Getty / Maury Phillips