Disneyland as an Adult | POPSUGAR Smart Living


I thought my love of Disney was over the minute I became a teenager. Princess movies? No thanks. Another Minnie Mouse plushie for my birthday? I’d rather have a new CD player instead. That’s why when I first started working at POPSUGAR, I was amazed to hear how many of my co-workers regularly go to Disneyland as adults. Isn’t it off-limits as an adult? Is it a lame vacation to take? I decided to finally find out for myself (and to see whether Disneyland is any better than Walt Disney World, of course).

The short answer to my visit: yes, Disneyland is just as magical as an adult as it might be going as a kid. You can go on rides as many times as you want, plan better, and, honestly, you whine less. See why everyone should go to Disneyland as an adult, especially if it’s your first time!