Couple Weds at Cardinals Game


After being engaged for two and a half years, Tyson and Alyssa Baker attended a St. Louis Cardinals game earlier this week with two goals: to watch the Cardinals win, and to get married to each other. On Monday, June 26, the couple attended the game with a sign that read “7 years together. If there is an ordained minister, we are ready to marry right here! #ForeverCardinalsTogether,” but it wasn’t until the third inning that a minister was found to seal the deal.

A woman who attended the game and witnessed this beautiful marriage took to Facebook to share the couple’s story. “We began to chat with them and learn more about them,” Donna Shores O’Day wrote on Facebook. “The two were incredibly sweet, smart, determined and so adoring of one another. By the 3rd inning, a minister appeared and began to talk with them. They exchanged license information and determined that all was in place for a legal and binding wedding.”

With all the chaos that goes into planning a wedding — the bridesmaids’ celebrations, rehearsal dinners, and so much more — Tyson and Alyssa decided to skip all the hoopla and simply ask some fellow Cardinals fans to complete their wedding parties.

“My friend and I were so touched when asked to serve as bridesmaids and the people in the surrounding section were cheering the couple on with great joy,” O’Day wrote. “In the middle of the 6th inning, we took our places on the stairs as these two exchanged vows. They teared up, the minister teared up, we all teared up. And they say there’s no crying in baseball. The crowd went wild and we began our celebration of not only the wedding, but of being part of an act of faith, love, and kindness that took us by surprise but will surely stay with us always. Many of us left the game as new, but hopefully forever friends. Oh, and the Cardinals won.”

If you think their story is sweet from a spectator’s perspective, just wait until you see what Tyson had to say about his and Alyssa’s nuptials.

“Two and a half years ago, I asked Alyssa in the middle of the empty BOK Center to marry me,” he wrote. “My line to her as I trembled to say it while tearing up was ‘In a stadium full of people I would only have eyes for you.’ Yesterday at the St. Louis Cardinals game, in a stadium full of people while tearing up I married that girl. I love you so much and cannot wait to see what our futures hold!”

It’s easy to lose sight of what’s important while planning a wedding, but Tyson and Alyssa are a reminder that true love is really what it’s all about. Congratulations to the couple!