Compound Baby Names | POPSUGAR Moms


Compound names are double the fun, naturally, but they’re not as easy to come up with. Two names smashed together as one full name seem to flow easier with girl names than boy names, but that’s not to say you can’t put any two boy names together and call it a compound if you really want to.

For expecting parents who want their babies to have beautifully long (if not a little Southern-sounding) names, here is some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.


  1. Anna Beth
  2. Anna Mae
  3. Anna Lynn
  4. Anna Sophia
  5. Anne Marie
  6. Ava Marie
  7. Daisy Mae
  8. Emma Claire
  9. Emma Grace
  10. Emma Lou
  11. Freya Snow
  12. Jo Lynn
  13. Josie Mae
  14. Lila Jo
  15. Lily Belle
  16. Lily Rose
  17. Lucy Mae
  18. Mary Elizabeth
  19. Mary Kate
  20. Mary Jane
  21. Mary Jo
  22. Michelle Lynn
  23. Molly Jean
  24. Robin Lynn
  25. Sarah Michelle


  1. Billy Joe
  2. Jack James
  3. Jack Thomas
  4. Jean-Luc
  5. John Henry
  6. John Michael
  7. John Paul
  8. John Ryan
  9. Jordan Alexander
  10. Lee Henry
  11. Mark Paul
  12. Mason Lee
  13. Oliver James