Celebrity Vacation Spots | POPSUGAR Smart Living


When it comes to celebrity tastes, it’s hard to keep track of what’s trending — is being vegan hip or annoying these days? When did overalls make a comeback? What the hell is bone broth?

So when something stands the test of time — and seems to make Hollywood’s hit list year after year — it’s worth taking notice. And though Kylie Jenner may wear 10 different outfits a day and Carrie Underwood has gone back and forth with the whole plant-based diet thing, celebrities continue to be creatures of habit when it comes to one thing: vacation destinations.

As far as sipping wine, hitting the slopes, working on that totally-not-spray tan, or finding ultimate spa R&R goes, celebs are really just like us — they play favorites and come back to the same spots over and over again. Scroll through the slideshow to explore the classic US locales — and resorts — that have stood the test of time (and trends).