Britney Spears With Family at Disney World March 2017


It’s safe to say Britney Spears did not have a case of the Mondays this week. The “Make Me” singer rounded up her family for a fun-filled trip to Disney World in Orlando, FL, and documented every amazing moment in an Instagram slideshow. Britney shared a few photos of herself with her adorable (and grown-up!) sons, Sean and Jayden, as well as nieces Lexie and Maddie, who took a spin on the teacups and screamed their way down Splash Mountain. Maddie, who recently recovered from a horrifying ATV accident, sat in her aunt’s lap while they enjoyed some massive milkshakes at Planet Hollywood Disney Springs. It’s also important to note that the Spears family rocked matching red Mickey shirts like true tourists while roaming the park, proving that celebrities really are just like us.