Bluesmart Luggage Indiegogo Deal | POPSUGAR Smart Living


Bluesmart, the first creator of smart luggage, is back with round two of its collection, and the suitcases are even better than the first ones. The collection, prelaunching right now exclusively on Indiegogo, includes a check bag, carry-on, laptop bag, and passport case. While Indiegogo is typically used to crowdfund a product that may not be made, Bluesmart’s second line of luggage has already been fully funded — after just launching today.

Bluesmart released its first smart luggage back in 2014, funded completely on Indiegogo by people who became loyal fans to the brand. It’s for this reason, according to CEO Tomi Pierucci, that the company went back to Indiegogo to let fans who’d signed up for the launch have the opportunity to buy the new line for more than half off.

Bluesmart’s luggage is perfect for frequent travelers or those of us with pesky bad luck with having our luggage get lost. (This is me. My luggage gets lost every time I travel internationally.) The large suitcase and the carry-on are both equipped with GPS so you can track your bag through the app if it ends up misplaced. The bags are also equipped with a lock that can be activated from your app, in case you aren’t near your bag. Also, the large suitcase has a built-in weight sensor that is activated when the bag is lying flat on the ground, not one that you have to lift to figure out.

The new and improved app that pairs with the bags also has everything you need for your travel — including destination, airport, and flight information. It is also your link to your bag so you always have a handle on it. And of course no smart luggage would be complete without USB chargers, so yes, those are included, as well as additional battery packs.

If you want to get one of these bags through Indiegogo, you have to act quickly, because there is a limited amount available for this low price. The large suitcase is $325 (originally $695), the carry-on is $275 (originally $595), the laptop bag is $195 (originally $395), and the passport case is $95 (originally $145). And the deals get even better if you bundle the products!