Best Dollhouses | POPSUGAR Moms


I love dollhouses. Like, love-love. I’ve had an obsession with them ever since my dad made me the most immaculate Victorian-style, four-bedroom manor, a whopping two square feet of real estate wonderment. Ever since he gave it to me, I spent my days living life in miniature. Once I’d furnished each room — I had throw pillows the size of my thumbnail and glassware I needed a tweezer to properly place in the kitchen cabinets — I’d just sit and redecorate it over and over again.

As an adult, I love interior design, but my bank account doesn’t allow me to buy four different chaise lounge chairs to rotate based on the season like the miniatures aisle at the local craft store does.

I often wish it was more socially acceptable for me to still tinker with my childhood dollhouse, but I’m hopeful that when my two daughters are old enough, I can put a down payment on the tiny house of their dreams.

Until then, take an open house tour of 10 dollhouses that are legit better than most actual houses.