Best Boozy Sugarfina Candy | POPSUGAR Food


What’s that saying about having your liquor and eating it in a gummy, too? Just kidding, that’s not a phrase, but Sugarfina has made that possible with its array of alcohol-infused candy. The trendy candy boutique based in Southern California is known for its viral Rosé gummy bears and inventive Casamigos Tequila candy collection, plus many more boozy candies that will instantly make any party more fun.

Some of Sugarfina’s candies that list alcohol in the ingredients are actually nonalcoholic (for example, the Rosé’s alcoholic content is cooked out), while others do in fact contain a percentage of alcohol and require you to be at least 21 years old to purchase them. We’re talking tequila-shot-filled chocolate, Jamaican rum truffles, limoncello white chocolate bites, and more. Ahead, we’ve outlined 14 of the best booze-infused offerings from Sugarina, both nonalcoholic and 21-and-up only. If a girls’ night or dinner party is calling your name and you want to bring something special to the table, skip the predictable cocktails and opt for these sweet treats that feature your favorite alcoholic flavors (and that might get you buzzed) instead. Or, you know, have both.