Automated Tea Maker | POPSUGAR Food


I’m a tea addict and couldn’t help but become intrigued by this Teforia Leaf Tea Infuser ($400), a smart tea-brewing machine that’s sort of like a Keurig but for tea. The “intelligent infuser” works exclusively with Teforia’s teas. These single-serve pods are scanned on the top of the infuser so the machine can knows the exact method of brewing the tea to “unlock each tea’s true character and depth of flavor.” Teforia worked with tea masters and growers, so every cup is truly perfect. Unlike Keurig, the teas aren’t brewed inside the package. Instead, the packets are opened, and the loose-leaf tea is added directly to the glass infusion globe, which blooms and seeps the tea with hot water before dripping it into the two-serving carafe. The machine comes with 15 teas, any of which can be replaced via the online tea shop and range from $1 to $6 each. While that may be steep for one package, Teforia says its teas can usually be reinfused up to five times.

While I love this concept in theory, I’m a little disappointed that the infuser is limited to the teas sold by Teforia. They currently don’t offer my absolute favorite: jasmine pearls. However, if you buy the $999 version (the Teforia Classic), you do have the option of using your own teas. Regardless, I can understand the appeal for tea fanatics who want the convenience of an automatic machine without compromising on the quality of loose-leaf teas. Take a look at the machine up close and marvel at its sleek design and high-tech features.