Alternatives to Cake Smashes | POPSUGAR Moms


Cake smashes are all the rage on social media — who doesn’t love a kid covered in chunks of crumbs and frosting?! However, whether it’s a parent’s choice to not go HAM on the sugar just yet, cake just isn’t their thing, or their child has shown interest in another type of food, there are plenty of moms and dads going different routes for their child’s first birthday smash.

Lyndsey Wright, photographer at Lyndsey PhotoCo, is leading the charge in photographing these alternative smashes, having snapped photos of little ones cramming doughnuts into their tiny mouths or crunching on hard tacos with reckless abandon.

And we’ve got to admit, we thought these smashes were way cuter than any cake smash we’ve ever seen.

Aside from tacos and doughnuts (and yes, cake), Lyndsey has photographed quite a few other types of food smashes over the last few years, including a hilarious and delicious-looking BBQ food session. “I got sick of doing cake smashes over and over and over and over again so I started asking my clients if their baby had a favorite table food,” Lyndsey told POPSUGAR Moms. “When one client said her baby loved BBQ last year, we put the BBQ smash together and it was adorable!”

As for future epic food shoots, Lyndsey isn’t sure what her next huge idea will be. “I need to come up with another ‘goal food’ to try and top that taco shoot! I do have a few other types of smashes in the works. Let’s just say they’re hilarious and will be SO stinkin’ cute!”

We can’t wait! In the meantime, scroll through to see some of Lyndsey’s most adorable food smashes to date (as well as a Nutella gem from another photographer!).