Alofaaga Blowholes in Samoa | POPSUGAR Smart Living


No travel experience will match the excitement of visiting the Alofaaga Blowholes in Samoa. People from far and wide come to visit these explosive natural wonders. How do they work? Powerful ocean waves move through a set of lava tubes, and the pressure causes water to shoot up into the air like geysers.

These blowholes are right by the village of Taga. You have to pay a small fee to visit them, and luckily you can drive to access the location. Locals will even give you coconuts to throw in the blowholes so you can watch them fly up into the air. The important thing to remember is not to get super close to them. Falling in one could literally kill you. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them from several feet away. It’s a thrilling experience that you can’t miss if you make the trip to Samoa. Check out some of the epic photos from lucky travelers.