Adam Ruins Everything Breastfeeding and Formula Video


“Hmm, wait, is that formula?,” a woman quips at a mom with a crying little one at a baby shower. “Ugh, no, I hate when people breastfeed in public. No one wants to see that,” another guest says disgusted, just seconds after when the mom explains her breastfeeding hurdles — and that exchange perfectly sums up the perennial debate on “the best way to feed a baby.”

In a hilarious and honest video for his popular show Adam Ruins Everything, truTV’s host Adam Conover is looking to bust the most common myths about formula and prove once and for all that there’s no conclusive evidence to show it’s harmful to babies. “Formula isn’t just healthy and safe, it’s a literal life saver,” the video kicks in, before launching into a series of facts and history anecdotes that show “formula isn’t poison” (sources on each of them appear on the top left corner of the video, by the way).

Breastfeeding is a great way to bond with your baby, but it’s not the only way,” the viral video says. “And the fact is not all women can do it…so the next time someone tries to gilt trip you or any other parent about how they feed their baby, you tell them they can eat my feet.” Watch the full thing above.