12 Years a Slave Viral Essay


Although it’s probably not the best idea to cram on a college paper, one college student is going viral because of it. On April 18, Twitter user Stephy (@stephypie15) tweeted a photo of her college essay, writing “Possibly the best sentence I’ve ever written.” In the sentence, Stephy calls out Edwin Epps, a plantation owner who viciously mistreated slaves in Solomon Northup’s memoir, 12 Years a Slave.

“Yes, Edwin Epps is getting his own paragraph because that’s how much of a piece of sh*t he was,” she wrote. Her brother, Eric, followed up with a photo of his sister’s graded paper, and let’s just say it made her professor sound like the coolest professor ever. Instead of getting upset over Stephy’s use of profanity, the professor simply wrote “LOL true” next to her candid sentence.

“I won’t knock you for language here [because] the Epps warrant it, but just as general advice you should try to avoid it in academic papers for other professors,” the professor added as a side note on the page. After calling Epps and his wife “sh*t human beings” and “scum of the Earth,” her professor simply responded with “Fair enough.”

Twitter users could not handle how chill Stephy’s professor was about it all. According to Eric, Stephy received a 95 on her last-minute paper and Stephy went on to call her professor “the best.” Keep reading to see some of the best reactions to the epic essay ahead.